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I want each of these dolls. The one pictured is Lola and she is from Mexico. These beautiful rag dolls were created to teach our littles about diversity and acceptance. There are two others, Annie and Ameena, to collect.

Selma’s Dolls has many dolls to offer your kids. These dolls, or friends, show kids that it is ok to accept and learn about someone who looks a little different than yourself. What a great message for them. As children, we all just knew how to be loving towards one another. It isn’t un l later in our lives that we learn bad behaviors. That’s why I’m glad these dolls are made for kids ages 2 and up. They don’t need to be taught to care, not to be scared of differences. Selma’s Dolls are also teaching little ones to understand that others may have a different religion, race, or culture than them, but it is ok. Let’s celebrate and learn about each other. Their message is a beautiful one.

In a world where sometimes bullies are all around us, it is so important to teach our children about the beauty of differences in people. Selma’s Dolls is a new doll series that features adorable rag dolls that celebrate the differences in others through their beautiful storytelling. My daughter is in fourth grade and is constantly dealing with the discovery that not everyone is the same. These dolls are a great way for me as a parent to approach the topic that being different is ok.

Selma’s Dolls are beautiful soft plush dolls with a powerful message. Through colorful illustrations and compelling words, Selma’s Dolls are a gentle way to explain how much we are similar in a world that focuses on so many differences and classifications. With toys in general, we remember that children are innocent and neutral beings. Annie, Lola, and Ameena are the same because they all want Selma to succeed, and to flourish and to not be fearful of her own feelings of differences. If we all would just be kinder, be gentler, be more understanding, our fractured world would be able to unite. Acceptance, understanding, and education are what we all need, and Selma’s Dolls are apart of this narrative. It’s amazing what just a kind word and some beatuiful fabric can do, now with these tools, it’s our job as parents to continue this narrative through our children to love, to be kind, and to understand.

Inclusion is a model I want my children to reach in every aspect of their lives. We recently added Selma’s Dolls into our daughters’ life and they have helped us open the conversation up to be better people by taking the steps to make sure all of our hearts and minds are in the right place when it comes to meeting new people. Diversity is a wonderful thing and the concept of Selma’s Dolls works to make it easier for us to introduce that.

I love this doll by Selma’s Dolls. Her name is Ameena. Not only is she super cute but I love how these dolls celebrate how we don’t all look or dress the same.

Do you ever see a product and think right away that it’s something you need to share with anyone that will listen? One thing that I absolutely love is seeing an amazing company that has a mission to make a difference in other people’s lives. The company I am getting ready to tell you about has done that for me. Have you heard of Selma’s Dolls? They are beautiful. The little rag dolls, as well as the company. I get goosebumps just thinking of how they might make an impact on kids. The story of Selma’s Dolls is a heartwarming journey filled with friendship. Selma’s Dolls represent the diversity in our surrounding. My kids go to public school. They do not go to class with cookie cutter kids. Every single one of them are different in color, size, personality, development physical and mental, they have different religious beliefs and so much more. My kids and all of their friends are unique, and that’s why I love Selma’s story and Selma’s dolls so much.

When I was younger, it seemed like all the dolls were blond haired with blue eyes. Being a brown-haired child, I always wanted a doll that looked like me. Kids are all different from their eyes to hair color to skin color and all of them deserve a doll they can relate to. A pair of moms decided it was me for a line of dolls to celebrate religion, culture and physical and mental disability so they created Selma’s Dolls. Each doll comes with a storybook that parents can use to teach their children that differences are special, which hopefully leads to friendship and acceptance.

The idea of diversity is very targeted at this point. At a young age children are taught certain values! Through these amazing Selma’s dolls, young kids are taught about diversity! They are taught that everyone is amazing and unique! I must say Miss Aubree LOVES her new doll! The message and meaning behind these incredible dolls is true perfection and a lesson that I believe is very important! Selma’s Dolls are also incredibly made. The fabric is soft, cuddly, and absolutely stunning. This dolls come with a book called ‘back to school’ which I’ve added to Aubree’s library for night time reading.

Selma’s Dolls has brought back rag dolls in a new and unique inclusive way. As wide and varied as human beings are (whether born whole and healthy or mentally and physically challenged) it’s important that ALL people be represented as dolls and that’s just what Selma’s Dolls does.

For many young kids, going to school may be their first exposure to spending significant me around other children. As kids begin discovering the diversity of people in the world around them it can be awkward and intimidating. The goal of Selma’s Dolls creators is to mirror the beauty within every religion, culture and physical and mental disability. The first three Selma Doll’s are Annie, a friend with Down syndrome, a Mexican-American friend named Lola, and a Muslim friend named Ameena. Accompanying every doll is an illustrated storybook which features a little girl named Selma who overcomes her first day of school jitters with the help of new friends who teach Selma something beautiful and help Selma see that we are all much more the same than we are different.

It is important to teach our children to embrace that people are different. My 4-year-old daughter is at the age where she’s started paying more attention to people’s’ differences, if someone needs assistance getting around. And she’s curious why everyone is not the same. Selma’s Dolls have taken 3 lovely, snuggly dolls and turned them into characters as part of a teaching book for your child. As the story progresses the girls recognize each other as friends, no matter their unique differences. My daughter asked many questions about our doll Ameema by Selma’s Dolls. She was not sure at first if Ameena was her new favorite doll, but after reading the story, she understood what the book was explaining. She asked some very thought-provoking questions and held the doll tightly. Ameena has become a fixture in her bed me routine, and we continue to read the story. She enjoys the lesson of kindness and smiles sweetly when the girls all become friends.

Selma’s Dolls are much more than a toy to play with. These 12-inch soft dolls teach life lessons and give children a healthy sense of the world. Unlike other dolls, Selma’s Dolls is a collection of three soft ragdolls which celebrate diversity. Childhood should be an inclusive place, where every child belongs regardless of ethnicity, gender, or ability. These dolls help teach children about the beauty of being diverse. I believe that instilling these values of acceptance at a young age is critical to a child’s development and growth.

Representation and inclusion are so important when it comes to toys, and Ameena, a new Muslim fabric doll who wears a traditional hijab, is now part of play me. Like all Selma’s Dolls, she comes with the Selma’s First Day of School book that helps teach her playmates to celebrate friendship and differences across culture, religion, race, and ability. Along with her pals Annie, who has Down syndrome and Lola, a Mexican-American doll who can share a little Spanish, Selma’s Dolls are all about having fun by including everyone!